I originally started FORSBERG+two in 2011 as a company to house my entrepreneurial side projects. Before I started working on my own passions full time,  I worked at a leading foreign exhange and investment bank in Copenhagen.

Now I run FORSBERG+two and let my own personal passions and ideas flow free creating digital products.

My main focus with FORSBERG+two has been web applications and e-commerce, finding interesting ideas and turning them into micro-businesses.

I've done the initial sketches, wireframing, user experience design, detailed specifications writing, sales content, website and logo designs.. as well as ongoing marketing and customer support. I've also taught myself to code in the process, and now build all products 100% myself.

Although I do not take on custom client work (I simply don't have the time), I am always interested to hear from fellow entreprenuers and discuss interesting opportunities and tactics.