Order Printer Templates: BETA Testing Begins

I've been working on a new app for Shopify which gives you professional, customized Invoices & Packing Slips for Shopify's free Order Printer app, without needed to code anything yourself.

I'm now at a stage where I'd love to get real life feedback on my latest creation, and so I welcoming people to try out the new Shopify app Order Printer Templates.

Beta testers will get access to the current templates at a reduced cost, in exchange for feedback :)


Our designer made Shopify Order Printer templates feature:

  • Super simple controls to customize and edit. Never touch a line of code.
  • Customizable store details, easily include your contact and tax information.
  • Include Product Images
  • Include your logo (we'll automatically resize it to fit with the design).
  • Select from one of our 37 hand-picked Google Fonts.
  • Customizable color schemes.
  • Easy date & address formatting to suit your country.
  • Correctly shows order pricing, tax info, order notes, and product details..
  • Automatic support for Shopify's Line Item Properties
  • Click and type translation, or just change the wording to suit your style.
  • Designed by professionals, specifically for Shopify's free Order Printer.

You can check it out here: http://store.orderprintertemplates.com/ or in the Shopify App Store: http://apps.shopify.com/order-printer-templates