I originally started FORSBERG+two in 2011 as a company to house my entrepreneurial side projects. Before I started working on my own passions full time,  I worked at a leading foreign exhange and investment bank in Copenhagen.

Now I run FORSBERG+two and let my own personal passions and ideas flow free creating digital products.

My main focus with FORSBERG+two has been web applications and e-commerce, finding interesting ideas and turning them into reality with a mix of design,  coding and marketing.

Although I do not take on custom client work (I simply don't have the time), I am always interested to hear from fellow entreprenuers and discuss interesting opportunities and tactics.

Launched Products

Over the past 4 years, I've built and run the below products, which have focused on helping users of the e-commerce platform Shopify get more out of the platform, and their time.

For these products I've done the initial sketches, wireframing, user experience design, detailed specifications writing, sales content, website and logo designs.. as well as ongoing marketing and customer support. I've also taught myself to code in the process, and now build all products 100% myself.

I've learnt a whole lot in the process!


OrderlyPrint for Shopify

OrderlyPrint for Shopify

OrderlyPrint is a web app that helps Shopify store owners create Invoices, Packing Slips, Labels & Fulfill their orders more efficiently.

Customers can print & ship hundreds of orders in just minutes, and they are given full design freedom to make the documents their own.

Loved by Shopify store owners all over the world.

OrderlyPrint launched in March 2012, and the app has since become one of the most popular Tool apps in the Shopify Apps Store. I'm proud to say that it now make the lives easier for 1000+ store owners, and enjoy every minute of it.

OrderlyPrint has evolved a whole lot since it's launch, going through a full redesign in 2013 and bringing a whole new feature set to life. It now generates approx. $5,000 in monthly revenue, requiring approx 30 minutes of my time each day, and $500 in server costs per month.

Order Printer Templates

Order Printer Templates for Shopify

Order Printer Templates for Shopify

Order Printer Templates is my latest app, created to give professional Invoices, Packing Slips, Returns Form and Gift Receipt templates for Shopify store owners, without ongoing costs.

I've been in the Shopify document business for some time now with OrderlyPrint, and realized that a lot of people may not need a full blown solution, just professional documents in a simple way.

I decided to create Order Printer Templates to fulfill that exact need. Shopify's free Order Printer app is a great low cost solution, but customizing their documents is a real pain and you need to know HTML/Liquid to do anything. 

Instead I've created a really simple editor that anyone can use, leaving all the complex stuff to the app.  It allows you to easily customize the documents, and gives you enough freedom to make the documents truly your own. The user can easily add a logo, choose from many Google Fonts, add product images, as well as translate the documents using point and click among other things. 

I also realize that not all stores need the same thing. So we've ensured that our documents can cater for stores in many countries and languages, and handle things like local address formatting automatically.

Currently we have 6 unique templates with about 18 variations (theme and font defaults), and am expanding this selection. All templates are a one-time-purchase, so users only pay once and can then use/update that template as much as they want.

Order Printer Templates is still a new Shopify app, but has been received very well by users and has got a lot of positive reviews already. Currently it sells 10-20 templates each day for an average of $35, without any paid marketing. Conversion rate of users who signup to purchase is approx. 20% which is a very good start but could still be improved.

Check it out in the Shopify App Store: https://apps.shopify.com/order-printer-templates