Add downloadable PDF invoices to the Shopify Order invoice email

Order Printer Pro

Shopify merchants can now automatically include a PDF invoice in their Order invoice email using Order Printer Pro. This is particularly useful for merchants who offer Net-30 or Net-60 payment terms and need to provide customers with a PDF invoice before they can make payment. Order Printer Pro makes the process of generating and sending these invoices fully automated.

To set up this feature in your Shopify account, simply follow the easy, one-time instructions provided at the link below:

Once you have completed the setup process, Order Printer Pro will automatically include a PDF invoice in any Order invoice email that is sent to a customer where a payment is pending. This is a convenient way to ensure that your customers have the information they need to make payment in a timely manner, without requiring any additional effort on your part.

Example of email with PDF invoice download link included

In addition to making it easier for your customers to pay, this feature also allows you to better manage your own cash flow and make sure that you are paid in a timely manner. By providing customers with a PDF invoice as soon as a payment is pending, you can help to reduce the likelihood of late or missed payments.

Overall, the updated Order Printer Pro is a valuable tool for any Shopify merchant who wants to streamline the process of generating and sending invoices, and improve their overall cash flow management.


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