Additional Shopify email notifications added to OrderlyEmails


Great news! OrderlyEmails has just been updated to add support for two new email notifications that have been recently added by Shopify to their admin platform. These emails are the "POS exchange V2 receipt" and "Customer payment method restore request" emails.

Screenshot OrderlyEmails new email templatews

The "POS exchange V2" receipt email is sent to customers by Shopify when they complete an exchange V2 in person and request to be emailed a receipt. This email replaces the old "POS exchange receipt" email, which is still available in some Shopify accounts.

The "customer payment method restore request" email is sent to customers by Shopify when they ask to restore their inactive payment method. This email is currently only enabled for stores that are using the Shopify Subscriptions feature. If you want to learn more about managing payment methods for Shopify Subscriptions, you can visit the Shopify Help Center.

Both of these new email types are now available in all OrderlyEmails accounts. This means that you can now login to your OrderlyEmails account and customize the design, wording, and layout of these emails using our easy-to-use email editor. This will allow you to create unique and professional-looking emails that match your brand and help you engage with your customers.

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