Automatically add Terms of Service and Refund Policy PDFs


For stores based in Germany and France, Shopify can now automatically attach to your Order confirmation email, PDFs of your Terms of Service and Refund Policy. This is required to make your Shopify email templates compliant with local laws.


To make Shopify include the PDFs, a small update is needed in your Order confirmation emails. OrderlyEmails makes this super simple.

1. Login to OrderlyEmails:
2. Click the "Customize" button on your email theme
3. In the editor, go to the "Theme settings" tab
4. Go into the "Store info / footer" section
5. Choose the filenames you would like customers to see for the 2 attached files
6. Once done, click the "Export to Shopify" button and follow the instructions for the "Order confirmation" email

All Order confirmation emails sent by Shopify when you receive a new order, will now include the 2 PDF files attached.

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