Improved default Shopify order printer templates

Order Printer Pro

We're always looking for ways to make starting out with Order Printer Pro as easy and quick as possible. That's why we have spent more time improving the default templates that come with Order Printer Pro:

  • We've made it clearer what each setting does, by adding useful comments and links to help articles directly in the template code.
  • Added an easier way to customize your Shopify store name
  • Added an easier way to custommize your Shopify store address
  • Added an easier way to add your company VAT/Tax number to your documents.

This is especially useful when customizing your invoices, receipts and packing slips, which are provided to customers.

Shopify Order Printer Pro Templates

You'll automatically get the new improved order printer pro templates when using the "Create template" feature in the app, or when installing the app for the first time.

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