Shopify "Order invoice" email updated with Payment terms

Shopify "Order invoice" email updated with Payment terms FORSBERG+two

OrderlyEmails is excited to announce that we have updated our app to be fully compatible with the recent changes made by Shopify to their email notifications. In their recent announcement, Shopify revealed that they are removing the "Order edited invoice" email and adding support for Payment terms in the "Order invoice" email templates.

Shopify "Order invoice" email updated screenshot

The Payment terms feature of Shopify allows you to include information about the due amount and due date for an order in your Order invoice email templates. This is an important part of managing payments and ensuring that your customers are aware of when they need to pay for their order. With the Payment terms feature, you can provide your customers with the information they need to make timely payments and avoid any issues with outstanding balances.

At OrderlyEmails, we have made the necessary updates to ensure that our app is fully compatible with the Payment terms feature. This means that for all new email themes that are created in our app, the Payment terms section will be automatically included in the Order invoice email. This allows you to easily provide your customers with the information they need about their payment terms, including the due amount and due date.

If you have an existing email theme, you can also add the Payment terms section to your existing design. To do this, simply follow these steps:

  1. Login to OrderlyEmails: https://www.orderlyemails.com/login
  2. Click "Customize" on your existing email theme
  3. In the editor, select the "Order invoice" in the top bar
  4. Click "Add section" and select the "Payment terms" section
  5. Click "Add" and customize the section as needed
  6. Drag the section to where you would like it to appear in the email
  7. Click "Export to Shopify" and copy/paste the new email code over

With these updates, you can continue to use OrderlyEmails to customize and manage your email notifications on Shopify, even with the recent changes made by Shopify. If you don't have the app yet, you can try it for free in the Shopify App Store.


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