OrderlyEmails now supports the Bold Cashier app


OrderlyEmails is excited to announce that we have added support for the Bold Cashier app to our email templates for Shopify. If you are using the Bold Cashier app to handle multi-currency payments from your customers, you can now easily include the snippet for showing the paid amount in the correct currency in your OrderlyEmails email templates.

The Bold Cashier app is a powerful tool for Shopify merchants who need to handle multiple currencies. It allows you to offer your customers the option to pay in their preferred currency, and it automatically converts the payment to your home currency at the current exchange rate. This makes it easier for you to manage your finances, and it provides a better experience for your customers.

Previously, if you wanted to show the paid amount in the correct currency in your email templates, you would need to follow the instructions on Bold's help site and edit the code of your emails manually. This was a time-consuming and technical process that required a certain level of expertise.

With the new update to OrderlyEmails, we have made it much easier to include the paid amount in the correct currency in your email templates. All you need to do is check the new setting that we have added, and the snippet will be automatically included in your Order confirmation email. This means that you can provide your customers with the information they need about the currency in which they paid, without having to worry about the technical details.

You can find the new setting in the "Products with pricing" section of your Order confirmation email, as shown in the image below.


We are always working to improve the features and capabilities of OrderlyEmails, and this new update is just one example of how we are making it easier for you to customize and manage your email templates on Shopify. If you don't have OrderlyEmails already, you can try it free from the Shopify App Store.


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