Shopify Gift card confirmation email template added to OrderlyEmails


You can now customize and style the new Shopify "Gift card confirmation" email using our OrderlyEmails app.

When a customer adds a recipient to their gift card, Shopify sends a Gift card confirmation email to the customer and a Gift card issued email to the recipient. This ensures that both the customer and the gift card recipient receive an email.

Gift card confirmation email

Gift card template

The gift card feature is popular among customers who want to purchase a gift but are unsure of the recipient's preferences. By offering gift cards, you can attract more customers and increase sales, as it allows recipients to choose their desired items from the store.

However, until now, the default Gift card confirmation email sent by Shopify to the customer lacked personalization and customization options. It also had to be forwarded to the gift card recipient. This limited your control over the email's content and appearance, which could impact branding and the customer experience.

With the latest update to the OrderlyEmails app, you can now fully customize and style the Gift card confirmation email to align with their brand guidelines. They can incorporate their logo, brand colors, and fonts to ensure a consistent and professional look in all customer communications.

Receiving a customized Gift card confirmation email enhances the excitement and satisfaction of the gift-giving experience for customers. It demonstrates that the you value their business and have invested effort in creating personalized communication. This can leave a positive impression on the customer and foster loyalty towards the brand.

We hope you enjoy this new email, as it has been automatically added to all existing and future email themes created in the app.

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