Pick orders faster using the new "Order tray" feature


I’m very excited about this new feature, as it will make picking products for many orders much easier.

In your Picking Lists, you can now include a column showing the order tray and quantity for each product.

You can now see the total quantity to pick of a product, as well as how many go into each order tray. See example below:

Each product will be shown with:

01 (#1001) x 2

01 is the order tray number, and all products needed for Order #1001 will have the same order tray number. The quantity (x 2 in above example) will show if the quantity is more than a single item.

Each order is assigned a tray number based on the sorting of the orders on the Dashboard. The order at the top gets Tray 01 and so on. This makes it easy to pick the products, but also to match up other documents such as the Invoice or Packing Slip. The first page goes in Tray 01, the 2nd page in Tray 02 etc.

To enable this new feature in your Picking Lists, simply do the following:

  1. Go to the Settings > Document design page
  2. Go into the Options and formats section
  3. In the PICKING LIST SETTINGS section
  4. Enable the checkmark Show order tray and quantity for each product


A big thanks to Oliver for this idea, and the examples :)

As always, feedback and suggestions welcome.

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