Sell Digital Products with Shopify: Introducing Digital Downloads Pro

Digital Downloads Pro
We have seen firsthand how challenging it can be for store owners to manage, sell and protect digital products. That's why we created Digital Downloads Pro, a Shopify app that makes it easy to sell and deliver digital products on your store.

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We've focused on the core features needed to deliver the best Shopify app for managing digital content, no matter if you are selling books, video content, software or music. We've included features like the ability to add and manage digital content, secure and quick file attachments to multiple digital products and both automatic and manual license key support.

To ensure the protection of your content, we've also included advanced delivery, fraud, and access control settings.

Last but not least, we understand the importance of customization and language, so we've made it easy to customize and translate customer emails and download pages.

At FORSBERG+two, we have a proven track record of creating high-quality Shopify apps that are used by over 85,000+ stores worldwide. With Digital Downloads Pro, we have taken our expertise and applied it to Digital Products, creating an app that is specifically designed to help you manage and sell digital products.

Digital Downloads Pro is perfect for Shopify store owners who sell e-books, music, online courses, license keys, software, and other digital products. We've focused on making it easy to use and provides all the tools you need to manage your digital downloads. 

To get started, simply visit the Shopify app store and install it on your store. We've included step-by-step instructions and helpful resources to make the setup process easy and straightforward.

In addition to Digital Downloads Pro, we also offer a range of other Shopify apps that can help you improve your store and grow your business. Check out our full collection of apps and see how they can help you succeed.

Kind regards,
Bjorn Forsberg
Founder - FORSBERG+two

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