Shopify’s Order Printer Vs Order Printer Pro

Order Printer Pro

Having software that allows you to create and print documents from orders that your customers have placed makes the business run smoothly. 

So, in the battle of Order Printer Pro vs Shopify’s Order Printer, who comes out on top? Let’s dive into what each contender has to offer.

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Order Printer Pro shown on two iPads showing the automated pdfs function

Order Printer Pro Can Automate Your Shopify Store

Both Order Printer Pro and Shopify’s Order Printer are software that allows you to easily create and print receipts and other documents for any order. Automation features help make the process of delivering these documents to your customers a breeze as you won’t need to manually send them.

When a customer places an order with your business, they expect an invoice or a receipt. Order Printer Pro instantly and automatically sends PDF invoices and receipts on your behalf, saving you time and delighting your clients.

Shopify’s Order Printer can send out invoices and receipts, but you’d need to do all the manual work. This means creating and sending out everything on your own.

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  • Order Printer Pro’s automation feature makes the delivery of invoices much easier

  • The lack of automation in Shopify’s Order Printer will cost you valuable time

  • Automation isn’t necessary, but it will certainly help make your business run smoother!

Order Printer Pro showing the template setup function

Easy Template Customisation

You don’t want to send out generic and default invoices to your customers. Every document that you send out should represent your business and having plain-and-simple black text on white paper won’t do a great job of that.

With fully customizable and translatable templates from Order Printer Pro, your business can stand out while still including all the necessary information. You can do all of this without having any knowledge of coding!

Shopify’s Order Printer, on the other hand, only has templates that are customizable using HTML and Liquid. This means you’ll need to have coding experience if you want to customize them. In addition, any major customizations have to be done through a third-party application.

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  • Order Printer Pro’s designer is easy to use and doesn’t require any coding skills

  • Shopify’s Order Printer uses HTML for customization on templates making it suitable for coders and only coders

  • Shopify’s Order Printer requires third-party apps for major customization

Order Printer Pro dashboard showing Template setup language features.

Multi-language And Currency Support

You can increase the number of customers by sending out invoices in the language that they speak. Order Printer Pro makes that possible with auto-translation and accessibility features included in the package. You can make use of automatic translations for both languages and currencies and apply this to the invoices you send out.

Shopify’s Order Printer doesn’t have any built-in translation features so this means any translations would need to be manual.

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  • The ability to translate the invoices that you send out means that your company can expand globally

  • Order Printer Pro has built-in translation features

  • The lack of translation features in Shopify’s Order Printer means you will need to do all the translations manually

The Bottom Line

Both Order Printer Pro and Shopify’s Order Printer have their own set of pros, but one stands out from the other.

Order Printer Pro offers everything Order Printer does and more. You can also try out its free plan before you buy so you have nothing to lose! The upgrade is then only $10 per month and offers unlimited invoices to send out and create.

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