UpOrder (Formerly Spently) vs OrderlyEmails


OrderlyEmails and UpOrder are apps that allow Shopify merchants to send email notifications to customers. They share many similarities, but who wins in the battle of OrderlyEmails vs UpOrder? 

Let’s dive into this comparison and see what each contender brings to the table.

UpOrder (Formerly Spently) vs OrderlyEmails FORSBERG+two
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OrderlyEmails showcasing the different email templates

OrderlyEmails Offers More Themes And Email Templates

Without any prior design knowledge, OrderlyEmails enables you to produce stunning and expert Shopify email designs and notifications for your store. With it, you’re able to upgrade your email templates to increase sales and accurately represent your business.

OrderlyEmails also has several themes you can choose from. Each one comes with over 30 customizable templates with new ones being added over time. There’s one for every possible notification you may need for your business.

With UpOrder, you can also personalize your Shopify notification emails using its drag-and-drop email designer. It offers over 25 customizable traditional email templates for your Shopify store but doesn’t have different themes to choose from.

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  • OrderlyEmails has more templates to choose from

  • The templates from OrderlyEmails are constantly being updated

  • OrderlyEmails has themes to choose from so you can choose one that best suits your store

OrderlyEmails showing how to select the different languages

Better Translation And Multi-language Support

Being able to change the languages of your email notification allows you to broaden your target audience and grow your company.

OrderlyEmails allows you to change the language of an email notification with one click. It can convert each of your Shopify email templates into 18 different languages. If you need a language that isn’t part of the 18, you can use the editor to easily convert the text to the desired language.

UpOrder’s templates are English by default but will be translated to the default language of your Shopify store. If you want to change the language of the text in the emails, you will need to do so manually.

OrderlyEmails also supports the Shopify Payments multi-currency feature, which automatically updates the amounts in your templates to reflect the currency your customer is using.

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  • OrderlyEmails allows you to easily change the language of your notifications

  • OrderlyEmails offers automatic currency changes and integration with multi-currency payment software

  • OrderlyEmails comes with friendly 24/7 support, 365 days of the year

OrderlyEmails showing the magic designer function on the templates

Enjoy Great Value For Money With OrderlyEmails

OrderlyEmails is free to install and allows you to test the editors and template designs before you make any purchases.

UpOrder is also free and offers a trial where you can create and send out 25 test email notifications. However, there’s a catch. After your 25th email notification, every notification that follows is $10.

OrderlyEmails might not offer the trial, but when you're ready to spend money, the themes cost $99 per year. They come with free updates, all 30+ customizable Shopify email templates, and round-the-clock support.

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  • OrderlyEmail has excellent value for money and won’t cost you a fortune at the end of the year

  • UpOrder’s free trial is neat, but it becomes expensive once you pay for each email notification

  • Both software is free to try

The Bottom Line

Both email designer software has a good amount of features on their own, but one Shopify app stands out from the other.

OrderlyEmails will save you a fortune when you pay once-off instead of paying for every notification. It also has more useful features that will help take your Shopify store to the next level!

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