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Congratulations, you are the lucky owner of an exclusive gift card! Your gift card gives you a free purchase within my award-winning OrderlyEmails app.

The world's best Shopify agencies are using OrderlyEmails for their client projects because:

"No one likes building emails, so having a set of beautifully designed out-of-the box Shopify notification emails is a godsend" 

Piers Thorogood (Director & Co-Founder)

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If any questions about OrderlyEmails or our partner program come up, feel free to contact me anytime.

Bjorn Forsberg
Founder - FORSBERG+two
+45 5383 3779

How to use your gift card:

  1. Install OrderlyEmails in any Shopify store
  2. Select a starting email theme, and customize to your liking. Try as many themes as you like.
  3. When you are ready, click the "Purchase" button in the editor
  4. In the purchase pop-up, click the "Have a gift card or discount code?" link
  5. Enter the code found on the back of your gift card, and click "Apply"

Install OrderlyEmails


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Why use OrderlyEmails on your projects?

  • Earn more by offering custom emails as an add-on service without the headaches. Get in contact if you want to handle payment via PayPal invoice instead.
  • There are no subscription fees to convince clients to take on. Purchase is a one-time cost, with free updates on purchased themes.
  • Designer made email templates, with a focus on style and function, while still being highly customizable.
  • Each theme includes all 18 email notifications supported by Shopify, including the order confirmation, abandoned checkout & customer welcome emails.
  • You edit the styling of all emails at once, giving a consistent look and faster customization.
  • The editing experience is based on Shopify's storefront editor, so you'll feel right at home adding sections and content.
  • All emails include open and view tracking automatically, meaning you can optimize content and offers based on the data we are pushing to Shopify reports and Google analytics.

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