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Milk Bottle Labs & FORSBERG+two

Milk Bottle Labs & FORSBERG+two FORSBERG+two
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FORSBERG+two is lucky to do business with some of the coolest brands on Shopify. 

One such brand is Milk Bottle Labs, a fully dedicated Shopify agency based in Ireland. Since becoming Shopify Experts in 2013, the team has been helping their clients succeed and grow on the platform.

Milk Bottle is one of our long-standing affiliate program partners. So, when they had some positive feedback to send our way, we, in turn, wanted to share it with the world. 

About Our Partner Program 

When we started FORSBERG+two in 2011, we did so intending to improve and shape web applications and e-commerce. 

After seeing great success with our award-winning apps, we decided to take our interest in eCommerce and entrepreneurship a step further. 

So, we started a partner program where Shopify affiliates and experts earn 20% for every customer they successfully refer to our apps. 

It’s been so rewarding to see this network of businesses that are equally as passionate about excelling on Shopify, grow. 

To give you some real perspective about just how easy it is to become a FORSBERG+two partner, we chatted with Keith from Milk Bottle Labs. We asked him how their experience of working in the program is shaping up so far. 

Conversation With Keith Matthews, Milk Bottle Labs 

1. Who are Milk Bottle Labs, and what kind of business do you run?

Milk Bottle Labs is an official Shopify Experts agency based in Ireland. We build, improve, and manage performance in Shopify & Shopify Plus stores for clients in Ireland, the UK & the east coast of the USA. 

We also specialize in Klaviyo automated services. 

2. Could you tell me about your role at the company?

I am the founder and manage all forms of marketing. Partnerships within the Shopify ecosystem are also key to my role. 

On top of that, I run the Milk Bottle eCommerce podcast, which Bjorn has appeared on!

3. Amazing! How did you hear about our Affiliate Program, and for long have you been a FORSBERG+two partner?

I’ve known about Forsberg+two since 2016. After installing OrderlyPrint many times, Bjorn reached out to us. And it was that same year that we became a partner. 

Actually, our partnership was one of the first for Milk Bottle Labs, so it’s an important relationship for us. 

4. Tell me about how you use our Partner Program, and how do you find the process?

I would say that it’s easy and low maintenance, which is key when running a busy agency like ours.

5. What would you say is the most significant advantage of being a partner?

Support is key. We’re always delighted to receive maximum support from the team at FORSBERG+two. But the partnership adds to the relationship. 

6. Any other advantages you want to highlight?

As an agency focusing on customer satisfaction, we often need bespoke assistance. On many occasions, Bjorn has made custom changes to the apps set for us. 

We are always appreciative of how far your team goes to make sure our end client is happy. This is especially important for our large base of Shopify Plus clients.

7. Do you have advice for anyone who might be considering joining as a partner?

Go for it. The product works and adds value to your entire client base; as far as Shopify apps and partnerships go, it’s a winning combination.

8. In general, what do you think people should know about FORSBERG+two's apps?

The apps add value and support us in helping our customers improve all aspects of their store and brand communication. 

The apps also reduce the effort in managing outbound orders. They are some of the few apps I know of that add to revenue while also cutting costs.

Join FORSBERG+two’s Affiliate Program Today

We love to hear how our Shopify apps impact our partners and help them build their own successful Shopify business.  

If you have a success story to share with us, get in touch.

To join our partner program, follow this link and sign up. The program provides an excellent way to add value for your customers while earning an income for your business. 

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