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Buy a template, plant a tree

Buy a template, plant a tree FORSBERG+two
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For every store that buys a custom print template in our Shopify app, Order Printer Templates, we will now plant a tree through the OneTreePlanted project. It's our little way to help offset the damage that printing can have on the environment.

If you’d rather not print invoices at all, check out Order Printer Pro to deliver them to your customers by email.

OneTreePlanted have a concept of "Plant trees where they are needed most" which we will also follow. If you'd like to see which reforestation project we are currently donating to, or learn more about OneTreePlanted, click the link below:


Currently, we are set to plant over 7,500 trees per year. Using our app helps to make that happen! 

Learn more about Order Printer Templates in the Shopify App Store here: https://apps.shopify.com/order-printer-templates

Technical details: We wanted to plant a tree for every template sold automatically, without the need for any manual process. To achieve this we use DigitalHumani.com which is a free and easy to use reforestation as a service (RaaS) project. It makes planting trees programmatically simple, which we can highly recommend.

Image credit: Noah Buscher

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