OrderlyEmails Integrations

Seamlessly connect your favorite Shopify apps and enhance functionality. Our official integration partners are listed below, but you'll find that the app plays well with many others too.

Integrates with

AfterShip Order Tracking

Elevate your Shopify shipping notifications with the AfterShip Order Tracking app and OrderlyEmails. AfterShip provides customers with a better package tracking service, while OrderlyEmails enhances the appearance of your emails with visually appealing and branded designs. Integrating these two Shopify apps allows you to optimize your email communications and improve customer satisfaction.

Personal Discounts

Personal Discounts and OrderlyEmails offer merchants a powerful solution for enhancing email marketing efforts, delivering personalized promotions, and optimizing sales. By using both apps, merchants can drive engagement, increase sales, and build stronger customer relationships.


OrderlyEmails allows merchants to customize their email notifications with branded designs and personalized content, ensuring a consistent brand experience across all customer touchpoints. When integrated with SendOwl, which specializes in digital product delivery and sales, merchants can maintain this branding and communication consistency throughout the entire purchase process, from order confirmation to product delivery.

Wonderment Post-Purchase

Reduce “Where is my order?” support tickets and generate more upsells for your store with this powerful integration. Send your customers beautiful email notifications with OrderlyEmails and drive them back to a branded order-tracking experience on your website with Wonderment.


The Sufio invoice app allows you to add links to your Shopify emails so that customers can download a copy of their invoice automatically. When a customer clicks the invoice link or button in your email, Sufio will provide them with the invoice you have set up. This saves you time by automatically providing customers with an invoice, reducing the manual requests you receive. You simply add the Sufio link to an email in OrderlyEmails so customers can download invoices themselves.

zapiet logo

Zapiet ‑ Pickup + Delivery

Improve your Shopify email notifications with Zapiet ‑ Pickup + Delivery and OrderlyEmails. This integration simplifies setting up your Shopify email notifications, ensuring clarity about whether orders are for shipping, delivery, or pickup, while still keeping your brand in focus and ultimately enhancing your customer experience.

checkout link logo

Checkout Links

With the Checkout Links integration for OrderlyEmails, you can effortlessly incorporate reorder links into your Shopify notification emails. Send a reorder Checkout Link and watch your conversion rate increase through transaction emails, while maintaining your brand.

Rush logo


Experience hassle-free package tracking like never before! The integration of OrderlyEmails and Rush allows us to offer real-time tracking buttons that are embedded directly into our custom email templates. When clicked, these buttons direct your customers to a live tracking page within the Rush app. This simplifies the tracking process, saving your customers time and helping them stay informed about their orders with minimal effort.

Gravine Surveys logo

Grapevine Survey

Easily integrate any Grapevine Survey into your Shopify email templates using OrderlyEmails. Setup the survey in Grapevine, then add it to your custom email design in OrderlyEmails with just a few clicks. Gathering valuable feedback from your customers has never been easier.