AfterShip Order Tracking + OrderlyEmails

Elevate your Shopify shipping notifications with the AfterShip Order Tracking app and OrderlyEmails. AfterShip provides customers with a better package tracking service, while OrderlyEmails enhances the appearance of your emails with visually appealing and branded designs. Integrating these two Shopify apps allows you to optimize your email communications and improve customer satisfaction.

AfterShip Order Tracking + OrderlyEmails


AfterShip Order Tracking

Offer customers live shipment updates via a branded order tracking page and automated notifications. Use the shipment analytics dashboard to monitor and analyze carrier transit times, on-time rates, and exceptions. Install an AI-powered delivery estimate widget on your product description and checkout pages to build buyer confidence.

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Increase sales, repeat purchases and customer loyalty with customized, branded email notifications. Boost sales and grow your brand – easily customize the basic transactional emails Shopify sends to your customers (i.e. the Shopify order confirmation email) with your own branding, post-purchase discounts, recommended products and upsells.

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Read our step-by-step help article on how to set up the AfterShip Order Tracking integration with OrderlyEmails.

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