Personal Discounts + OrderlyEmails

Personal Discounts and OrderlyEmails offer merchants a powerful solution for enhancing email marketing efforts, delivering personalized promotions, and optimizing sales. By using both apps, merchants can drive engagement, increase sales, and build stronger customer relationships.

Personal Discounts + OrderlyEmails


Personal Discounts

Enhance your marketing emails with unique discount codes. Personal Discount enables you to automatically send out unique discount codes to your customers when they sign up for your email list, create an account in your store, make a purchase, abandon their cart, or when they celebrate birthday. You can also generate unique coupons for all your existing subscribers and send a regular, one-off campaign.

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Increase sales, repeat purchases and customer loyalty with customized, branded email notifications. Boost sales and grow your brand – easily customize the basic transactional emails Shopify sends to your customers (i.e. the Shopify order confirmation email) with your own branding, post-purchase discounts, recommended products and upsells.

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Need help with the integration?

Read our step-by-step help article on how to set up the Personal Discounts integration with OrderlyEmails.

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