New feature: Duplicate your email themes

New feature: Duplicate your email themes FORSBERG+two

We are thrilled to announce a new feature in OrderlyEmails that allows you to easily duplicate (create a copy) of a purchased email theme. This is a valuable addition to the app, as it allows users to quickly and easily create multiple versions of their email theme for a variety of purposes.

For example, if you need to translate your email notifications into multiple languages, you can easily create a duplicate of your original email theme for each language. This eliminates the need to manually recreate your email theme for each language, saving you time and effort.

Another common use for duplicating email themes is when setting up a similar email notification in another Shopify account. With the new duplication feature, you can simply create a copy of your original email theme and transfer it to your other Shopify account, saving you the time and effort of recreating the email theme from scratch.

To use the new duplication feature, simply log into OrderlyEmails and click the "Duplicate" button on the list of purchased email themes.

Duplicate theme example

You will then be prompted to choose a name for your duplicate theme and select whether you want to transfer it to another Shopify account.

Duplicate theme options example

Please note that only purchased themes can be duplicated, and themes duplicated into the same account are free. If you want to duplicate a theme into another Shopify account, you will need to purchase the theme in the new account. Additionally, OrderlyEmails must be installed in the destination Shopify account before themes can be transferred to it.

We believe that this new duplication feature will be a valuable addition to OrderlyEmails, and we hope it will help our users save time and effort when managing their email marketing campaigns. Thank you for using OrderlyEmails!



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