Introducing 5 new themes for OrderlyEmails

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We've got news! We've created five new email themes in OrderlyEmails, each one carefully designed to complement some of the most popular themes in the Shopify theme store. Meet Dawn, Refresh, Spotlight, Sense and Craft. These new templates ensure your emails look and feel like a natural extension of your store, enhancing brand consistency and elevating the overall customer experience.


OrderlyEmails new themes dawn

Not yet familiar with our app, OrderlyEmails? OrderlyEmails is the ultimate tool for enhancing your Shopify store's email communication. It's designed to give you the power to transform standard Shopify notification emails into customized, branded email templates that resonate with your customers. You can also include post-purchase discounts, recommend products, and even upsell directly within these emails.

Whats included?

When purchasing an email template you always get 3 styles included: Light - Dark - Colorful.

You can switch between these preset styles at anytime in the editor. Presets are just starting points and can be fully customized to match your store design.

  • All email themes feature
  • 45+ email templates (Order confirmation, Shipping confirmation, Customer emails etc.)
  • Supports all editor features
  • 24/7 support available

Let's introduce you to the new email templates.


Dawn is based on Shopify's most popular theme, this email design fits any need. A minimalist theme that lets product images take center stage. 

dawn theme




Based on the Refresh website theme by Shopify, this is a bold email theme that elevates product quality and brand storytelling.



refresh templates



Based on Spotlight website theme by Shopify, this email theme is simple and minimalist.


spotlight theme
Spotlight themes



Based on the Craft website theme by Shopify, this is a refined theme that celebrates craftsmanship.

Craft theme


craft theme



Based on Sense website theme by Shopify, this email design starts with a fresh and natural design.

sense theme


Sense theme

The perfect email templates for your store

Discover the perfect email template to complement your store's unique style with OrderlyEmails, and elevate your marketing approach. Your emails should never be an afterthought. Instead, make them a key part of your communication with customers. Explore OrderlyEmails in the Shopify App Store today and start redefining your store's email communication right away.

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