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Get to Know Christoph of ChrisFil - FORSBERG+two Referral Partner Showcase

Get to Know Christoph of ChrisFil - FORSBERG+two Referral Partner Showcase FORSBERG+two

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Another innovative FORSBERG+two Partner we’d like to introduce is Christoph Filgertshofer, a.k.a. “

Based out of Munich, Germany, Christoph is the Founder and CEO of ChrisFil, where his roles include store owner, coach, and YouTuber. A true entrepreneur, Christoph has built numerous Shopify stores, gaining business experience through trial and error. 

Today, we share Christoph’s story as a Shopify Education Partner. We’ve also asked him some questions about being a FORSBERG+two Referral Partner.    

About Christoph

According to an interview with Shopify, Christoph’s interest in social media, digital marketing, and coaching sparked when he was gaming. He realized he could monetize his gaming channel and taught himself how to build a following. 

The fact that his channel acted as a space for brands to sell products caught Christophs’ attention. At one point, he decided he wanted to sell his own products instead of promoting them for others.

After gathering a team of friends to work together, the entrepreneurs learned all they could about digital marketing and promoting themselves. Together, they built a store on Shopify where they started dropshipping random inexpensive items.

After hours upon hours of learning and adapting, taking wins and moving on after failures, Christoph and the team had a successful Shopify store. This was when the next opportunity presented itself - people wanted to know how to replicate their success.

So, Christoph started a YouTube channel and signed up for the Shopify Affiliate Program to share his e-commerce experience with a greater audience.

To date, Christoph has worked with brands such as Ubisoft, Logitiech, and King. He’s helped them build brand awareness and boost conversion rates through social media marketing.

He’s also built considerable followings on both YouTube and Instagram, where he provides educational content about entrepreneurship and creating successful e-commerce businesses. 

FORSBERG+two is pleased to call Christoph a Referral Partner. We truly value the relationship as we work together to help people utilize Shopify to its highest potential. 

About FORSBERG+two and the Referral Partner Program

Since starting FORSBERG+two in 2011, our primary goal has been to bring value to the Shopify ecosystem.

A top priority for us has been to advance e-commerce and improve web applications. This drive is reflected in our Shopify apps, and we're honored that OrderlyEmails won a Shopify Commerce award.

Receiving this distinction is a validation of our pride in our apps and the value they can hold for Shopify businesses.

Besides our apps, we’re also great supporters of entrepreneurship.  So, we created a Referral program where our partners can earn 20% commission for successfully referring our apps.

Joining our referral program is easy:

  • You must be a registered Shopify Partner, Expert, or Agency
  • Click here to sign up
  • Share your referral links with your customers and business partners.

You will be informed and rewarded whenever someone installs an app you recommended. Note that this has to be within 60 days of the person receiving the link. You can even refer yourself to claim commission if you work with several clients. Over time, our referral program has developed into a great network of companies, all driven to succeed in Shopify operations.

Let’s hear what Christoph says about his experience as a Shopify Education and FORSBERG+two partner. 

Q&A With Christoph & FORSBERG+two

1. ChrisFil Works in E-Commerce, Tell Us a Bit About What You Do?

Our main focus at ChrisFil is operating e-commerce stores in the DACH region. Using our experience in social media and online marketing, we aim to increase awareness and conversions for the stores in the long term.

Besides that, we have an Education Partner course with Shopify to help aspiring e-commerce entrepreneurs master the platform.

2. What’s Usually on Your Schedule for the Work Day?

After getting up, the first thing on my list is to check Slack and my emails. 

Then, I will typically block mornings for larger tasks, while the afternoon is for video recording, interviews, and internal calls.

3. How Did You Land up Working in the Shopify Ecosystem?

At 16 years old, I started dropshipping. That’s when I began looking for a suitable shop system to work with. 

Initially, I tried using WooCommerce but was totally overwhelmed by it. I thought about quitting but decided there had to be something out there with a more straightforward user interface. 

That’s when I came across Shopify and fell in love right away. 

4. Tell Us How You Discovered FORSBERG+two and our Referral Program?

My story with FORSBERG+two is pretty straightforward. I had been using your apps for a while and looked to see if you had an affiliate program. Since I was frequently signing up to use your apps for my Shopify stores, it made sense if I could earn a commission on the referrals. 

5. What are Your Favorite FORSBERG+two Apps to Refer and How Do They Help You?

I love OrderlyEmails

Before I found your app, I struggled a lot with customizing Shopify emails. This was to the point that I even tried to get into Liquid myself. But then I found OrderlyEmails, which has been a massive time-saver for me. The app makes it so easy to design and customize eye-catching emails to suit my needs. 

We also use Order Printer Pro for new projects with fewer than 50 orders a month. It’s a free, quick, and easy-to-use app that we enjoy for invoice generation. 

6. What App Features Have Been Especially Useful for You?

The Magic Designer is great. It auto-applies your email designs to all your templates. You can also automatically import your logo, colors, and fonts with a few clicks.

7. Any Thoughts to Share on the Installation and Setup Process of Our Apps?

I really appreciate that the apps make both processes easy and straight to the point. There’s no time wasted, and I can do it all myself.  

8. There’s a Lot to Know About in the Shopify Ecosystem - Any Advice for Budding Entrepreneurs?

That’s easy - start now. Don’t be afraid to learn from the successes and mistakes in your journey. 

9. Any Parting Words for Other Partners Thinking of Signing up for Our Referral Program?

Definitely go for it! FORSBERG+two has got a library of great apps that can help all kinds of stores.

10. Where can We Find You Online?




About Our Shopify Apps

Christoph spoke about FORSBERG+two’s OrderlyEmails and Order Printer Pro apps. Let’s quickly touch on what these are and how they can add value for your clients and merchant stores.


In a nutshell, OrderlyEmails enables you to customize the design of your email notifications to match your brand and website.

To improve the client experience, there’s a variety of professional email templates you can choose from.

All the templates are easily editable - no coding knowledge is required. And if you run international stores, template translation and multi-currency options are available. 

For more information on how OrderlyEmails can benefit Shopify merchants, read our blog article.

Order Printer Pro

Order Printer Pro is an invoice app that allows you to print and automatically send order invoices, quotes, receipts, packing slips, and refunds.

A free plan is available if you handle fewer than 50 orders in a month.

After that, you pay $10 a month to print and export an unlimited number of documents in bulk. You can also automate pdf invoices and customize your templates as you please.  

Check out our post on how Shopify merchants can excel with Order Printer Pro for more information on the app’s awesome abilities.    

Sign up for FORSBERG+two’s Affiliate Program Today

Our sincere thanks to Christoph for sharing his insights with us. We’re always keen to know how our apps benefit the Shopify community. 

Ready to join our referral program? Sign up here.

Besides the referral commission, we promise to deliver the simplicity, flexibility, and quality our partners deserve.

Do you have positive feedback on our referral program that you’d like to share? Reach out; we’d love to chat!

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