7 Ways Shopify Merchants Win With OrderlyEmails

7 Ways Shopify Merchants Win With OrderlyEmails FORSBERG+two
win with OrderlyEmails

Over the years, we have helped countless Shopify merchants put run-of-the-mill transactional email notifications behind them. It’s all thanks to our award-winning Shopify app - OrderlyEmails by FORSBERG+two.

We’re firm believers in beautiful and professional emails that create an unbeatable customer experience and keep them coming back. And when transactional emails have a mindblowing 80 to 85% open rate, we know the pressure is on to impress. 

Shopify’s out-the-box transactional email templates may serve your online store for a time. But as your business grows, you’ll want your email templates to provide a premium branded experience that allows you always to look your best. 

With OrderlyEmails, customizing and enhancing your order-related emails to match your brand has never been easier. 

Here, we go over the ways the app enables Shopify merchants to put their best foot forward. First, though, let’s look at what exactly OrderlyEmails is all about.

About OrderlyEmails

OrderlyEmails provides you with beautifully designed and customizable email templates for your Shopify store.

The app is simple to use, with a “Magic Designer’ editor that allows you, with one single click, to automatically import your logo, color, and font styles. All of this allows you to create a design that suits your brand aesthetic - no coding experience required! 

We’ve created several themes to choose from. Within each one, you can find all of Shopify’s (30+) standard email templates, including:

  • Order confirmation
  • Shipping confirmation
  • Order invoice
  • Abandoned cart and checkout
  • Customer welcome emails
  • And more

You can try out the theme for free before purchasing it. OrderlyEmails will (you from July 1 st, 2022) change a yearly subscription of $99 per email theme. You’ll also get all future updates and any templates or designs added to the theme. 

Seven Ways Shopify Merchants Win Using OrderlyEmails

OrderlyEmails’ features make it the perfect email template application to help you with your store management. Let’s look at how they help Shopify merchants win in business. 

1. Templates Specifically Designed for Shopify

This software was created specifically for Shopify users. App integration with your store is seamless, and everything on your store runs exactly as it always has. Everything looks familiar as you access it from your usual dashboard.  

You won’t be sending out duplicate emails either; OrderlyEmails simply becomes the standard. 

2. A Consistent, Branded Experience

As a professional store, you want to provide a consistent brand experience for all your customer interactions across all your channels. This tells your customers they are in the right place and dealing with a company they can trust.

Visually appealing emails also catch your customers’ eye in their crowded inboxes, helping your messages to stand out. 

When it comes to email design, it’s the little details that impress. The OrderlyEmails editor allows you to style the emails as well as add, change and remove sections easily. It’s the perfect app to make your messages stand out and always look their best.

3. Save Time With a Wide Range of Customizable Templates

Online stores need to send out various order and transactional emails to customers - we mentioned just a handful of those above. Instead of spending time creating each one from scratch and possibly leaving out critical information, OrdelyEmails has a template for every notification you might need.  

Combine that with automated sending at the right time, and you can save a great deal of time on email admin for your store.

When it comes to customization, nothing is off the cards. Everything from the wording in each email to the design of the email itself is fully customizable.

4. Add Automated Discount Codes and Product Recommendations

There’s no better way to reel your customers back in for the sale than by offering them discount codes. Similarly, when someone is ready to buy, why not take the opportunity to upsell by recommending a product they might be interested in?

Every theme on OrderlyEmails gives you the ability to use both of those features. 

You can include discounts and discount codes to each of your customer emails. This can be done pre- or post-purchase to encourage a sale or encourage customers to return.  

Product recommendations work by suggesting similar products or products that go well with what your customer is buying to notify them of their options. 

5. Track Email Conversions To Measure Performance 

A business needs to know its sales and traffic generated on a day-to-day basis. It helps it understand where it’s positioned in the market, how it can improve, and what its customers enjoy.

Using OrderlyEmails gives you the use of an email conversion tracking feature. This feature was given the Shopify Commerce Award - it’s a must-have for your store to get an accurate measure of email performance. 

Track Shopify email conversions

It automatically generates a report on all traffic and sales coming from your email templates. Simply access your marketing reports on your Shopify store’s  Analytics dashboard to see how your emails perform. 

6. Translate Your Emails To Take Your Business Global

If you plan on selling globally, translating your emails to speak to your customers in their home language will earn you points. 

Orderly Emails offers one-click document translations for over 18 languages. And if your language isn’t one of those 18 pre-made selections, don’t worry. Using the editor, you can manually translate the text in your emails.

Talking of global stores, other standard features to suit worldwide selling include multi-currency and sales tax settings.

7. Third-Party Integrations

Everyone loves integrations - they automate work and make it more efficient. Luckily, OrderlyEmails integrates with a range of other 3rd party applications and software you already use. Think Zapiet for pick up, Order Printer Pro, Production Options, SendOwl, Tracktor, POS retail apps, and much more.


It’s safe to say that OrderlyEmails is an award-winning app that can help your Shopify store succeed. 

With its wide variety of template designs to choose from and readily accessible customization options, designing your perfect email has never been easier. It’s also free to install and try out, so you have nothing to lose. 

Click here to add the app and trial it for free. Be ready to impress your customers and streamline your Shopify emails.  

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