How Wms&Co. use OrderlyEmails to reflect their brand values

How Wms&Co. use OrderlyEmails to reflect their brand values FORSBERG+two

"Strong branding forms a tribe of like-minded souls. "

Meet Allison, former branding specialist and founder of Wms&Co. We've asked her some questions about her use of OrderlyEmails.

Allison and her husband


What's your name, store name, and your role in the company?

I'm Allison Williams, Founding Partner at Wms&Co.


How did you come up with the idea for your Shopify store and can you tell us the story behind it?

Our original product was our Self-Inking Rubber stamp. We (her husband JP and Allison) found it at an industrial trade show in Germany, with an ugly plastic handle and poor chrome plating. We worked with the manufacturer to upgrade it with solid wood handles and plating in copper and nickel. As owners of a graphic design firm, we created many typographic imprint templates that were geared to a design-savvy stylish customer. There is so much room in the custom rubber stamps space for a style upgrade! Soon customers were asking for paper products to use the stamps on, and the ancillary products became our day-to-day best-sellers. We are now moving into a fuller WFH (work from home) offering, as many are working from home long after they anticipated and want to upgrade their spaces.


Rubber stamps

For how long have you been using OrderlyEmails?

A few months


Why did you look for an app like OrderlyEmails?

Design is at the root of everything we do, and the communications we were sending to our clients did not live up to that promise. I was happy to find a simple way to customize our communications to reflect our brand values and detail oriented mindset. 

What problem does the app solve for you?

Communicating that we are design-focused and detail-obsessed is difficult when saddled with the generic communications offered by Shopify. OrderlyEmails allows us to reinforce these values in all communications.


How was the installation process, and do you think anyone can use the app?

The app was very easy to use and very intuitive. It took me about an hour to customize to my satisfaction, and I am very demanding ;-) I am sure someone could do it in a fraction of that time for a huge upgrade from the general Shopify communications. 

Was it easy to customize and make it fit your business needs? And can you explain what customizations you made in the editor, and which were most important to you?

As a former branding specialist, I know that every communication you have with your customer should reinforce your brand values and look. I choose the font that most closely resembles what is used on our highly customized site, as well as shifting the button design and color palette to match our site. It was great to be able to easily shift the wording to be in our brand voice.

In what way do you think strong branding helps your business and customers? 

Strong branding forms a tribe of like-minded souls. 

Would you recommend other merchants to install OrderlyEmails and try it for free?



OrderlyEmails is always free to try before you purchase. Learn more in Shopify App Store.

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