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How to Choose the Right Shopify Invoice Template

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When it comes to online commerce, a great looking invoice can be the cherry on the top of a fantastic customer experience. Why spend hours agonizing over immaculate service and a beautiful online store, only to disappoint shoppers with unbranded and underwhelming “default” documentation?

Never miss an opportunity to impress your customers with your attention to detail by picking the perfect Shopify invoice template. In this article we’ll take you through some of our top tips.


woman sitting at her desk in a blue shirt

Order Printer Templates
offers a wide variety of templates. They’re all solid, carefully crafted designs – but what’s perfect for your brand, might not work for another (and vice versa). While you’ll have ample opportunity to play around with different looks until you get a result that feels just right for your brand, there are some questions you can ask yourself to help get to your final perfect design, in the most efficient way possible.

So, what do you need to consider when picking an invoice template that’s perfect for your Shopify business?

Start With Your Store Theme

When coupled with customizations such as logo, colors and fonts, your store theme is the bedrock of your online brand. Before you dive into our library of Shopify invoice templates, ask yourself what best characterizes your store’s look and feel. Modern? Minimalist? Led by images or text? This will help you get a steer on your custom Shopify invoice template.

Once you’ve picked the invoice template that feels like the closest match to your store’s template, you can easily start to update it by adding brand elements – no coding required. Customize and tweak via our simple Shopify template editor. Preview in real time for speedy editing, and print test pages to get a true sense of how your creation is going to look and feel.

Consider Your Vertical and Customer Base

You’ll also need to carefully consider the requirements and specializations that your vertical will require when it comes to the invoices you’re producing. Are you selling to overseas customers? Other businesses? Selling digital products? Or to customers who speak another language?

All of these aspects can place additional demands on documentation. With Order Printer Templates you can easily adjust your template of choice to include custom elements, such as tax information or text fields. Additionally, activate one-click translation and deploy multi-currency with ease. Taking time to experiment with a template that allows you to include this extra info while still fitting your brand aesthetic sets you up for long term success. 

Factor in Costs

Before you fall in love with a template, make sure you’re getting a great deal. Consider your usage – will this impact the amount you need to pay its creator? With Order Printer Templates, you pay one up-front price of $29 for your template. Once you’ve bought the template, it's yours forever, so you don’t have to worry about profits being impacted if your sales suddenly skyrocket. 


Additionally, for each additional template you purchase (gift receipts, packing slips, return forms…) you’ll receive a 50% discount.



Lean on Customer Support 

Finally, make sure you’re purchasing a template from a business that has your back. Order Printer Templates is designed to be incredibly intuitive, user friendly and code-free, but we understand that sometimes, a little practical help can make a world of difference – and we want you to find the perfect solution for your invoice templating needs! 

If you’re struggling to get a template looking exactly the way you’ve been envisioning, or if you simply need some advice as you add additional custom fields, we have a dedicated team on 24hr standby to help you find a solution. So please don’t hesitate to reach out for advice – we’re proud to be known for our friendly and responsive support.

To design and print Shopify invoices that complete your customers’ experience, get started with Order Printer Templates – buy once, use forever.

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