Björn Forsberg

I'm the Chief Eternal Optimist at FORSBERGtwo and have created award-winning apps for the Shopify e-commerce platform since 2011.

I'm an entrepreneur, product manager, designer, podcast host and public speaker. On a more private note, I'm a father, husband and a great pancake maker!

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"The company was started because we wanted to have more freedom and flexibility in life, and not to create the next Facebook or to manage lots of people. So we’ve always focused on simplicity, profitability and keeping the company small."

Articles, Interviews & Public Speaking

Below is a collection of articles, interviews and public speaking events that I've done over the years. If you want me to appear on your podcast or event, feel free to get in contact.

Shopify Unite London 2022 - Partner Panel

TBX Podcast

During the Covid pandemic of 2020, Jack from NeatShift asked me if I'd like to start a podcast to share our experiences building bootstrapped SaaS apps. I said yes. The podcast just finished the second and final season, so there are plenty of episodes to dive into. 

Jack uses a Yeti Blue podcast mic, while Bjorn sports the Sennheiser HMD27 headset with Røde AI-1 pre-amp. 

Podcast hosting, website and distribution using

We're currently experimenting with podcast post-production, both human-edited and automated, using

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Personal tech stack

Lots of people ask what my personal tech stack looks like for getting work done. Here are my favourite things:

- 38” curved Dell monitor with USB-C
- Macbook Pro M1 14”
- Logitech MX Master mouse & keyboard
- Logitech Brio HD-Pro webcam
- Sennheiser HMD 27 professional broadcast headset with Røde AI-1 pre-amp

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