Zapiet ‑ Pickup + Delivery + OrderlyPrint

This integration allows you to select up to 500 orders directly from Zapiet – Pickup + Delivery and load them in OrderlyPrint, making order processing more efficient and convenient.

Zapiet ‑ Pickup + Delivery + OrderlyPrint
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Zapiet ‑ Pickup + Delivery

Give customers multiple ways to get their order by offering in-store pickup and local delivery. Make it easier for customers to get their hands on your products. They can choose where and when they want their order delivered, or they can stop by your store and pick things up themselves while you manage it all within a single dashboard. Zapiet – Pickup + Delivery is great for: brick-and-mortar businesses or merchants looking to deliver orders locally.

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Organize your order management – picking lists, packing slips & more. Batch process 100s of orders. Control bulk order management from one powerful dashboard. Perfect for stores processing high volumes, or ambitious brands avoiding the growing pains of scaling.

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Need help with the integration?

Read our step-by-step help article on how to set up the Zapiet ‑ Pickup + Delivery integration with OrderlyPrint.

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