New Shopify email templates for "Pending payment"

New Shopify email templates for "Pending payment" FORSBERG+two

OrderlyEmails is excited to announce that we now support the latest two email notifications that Shopify has added to their Admin. The two new emails, "Pending payment success" and "Pending payment error," are sent to customers when a pending payment is processed after checkout. This allows you to provide your customers with important information about the status of their payment, and it can help to ensure that their orders are processed smoothly.

Pending payment success email

The "Pending payment success" email is sent to customers when a pending payment is successfully processed. This email confirms that the payment has been successful, and it provides the customer with any relevant information about the payment, such as the amount paid and the payment method used.

OrderlyEmails dashboard with Pending Payment Success layout.

Pending payment error email

The "Pending payment error" email is sent to customers when a pending payment is not successfully processed. This email provides the customer with information about the error, and it may include instructions for resolving the issue or contacting customer support for assistance.

At OrderlyEmails, we are dedicated to providing the best email templates for Shopify stores. Our app allows you to easily design beautiful email themes with no design experience needed, and we provide a range of options for increasing revenue with your emails, including product recommendations, discounts, upsells, and social profiles. Our Magic Designer will even import your store's logo, colors, and font styles automatically, so you can get started quickly and easily.

Both of these two new email templates have been added to your OrderlyEmails account now. Login to customize the design, wording and layout of your emails in our editor. If you don't already have OrderlyEmails, you can install it from the Shopify App Store.

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