Simpler Order Tracking: OrderlyEmails and Rush

Simpler Order Tracking: OrderlyEmails and Rush

In today's competitive e-commerce environment, delivering a quality customer experience is key for growth. Every interaction, from the moment a customer places an order until they receive it, is crucial. With this in mind, OrderlyEmails have partnered with Rush to bring store owners a more streamlined approach to order tracking and personalized email communications.

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The Value of OrderlyEmails

OrderlyEmails allows you to design branded and tailored email templates for multiple stages in the customer journey. From order confirmations to shipping updates and post-purchase touchpoints, OrderlyEmails aims to provide a consistent and professional brand message.

Our collaboration with Rush extends these capabilities by incorporating an option to include clickable package tracking buttons directly in your emails. 


Rush: Making Package Tracking Easier

Rush offers a centralized solution to package tracking. It aggregates tracking information from various carriers into a single, user-friendly dashboard. This feature eliminates the need for customers to sift through multiple carrier websites, offering a more unified and straightforward tracking experience.

Combined Strengths for an Enhanced Customer Journey

The integration of OrderlyEmails and Rush allows us to offer real-time tracking buttons that are embedded directly into our custom email templates. When clicked, these buttons direct your customers to a live tracking page within the Rush app. This simplifies the tracking process, saving your customers time and helping them stay informed about their orders with minimal effort.

In Conclusion

Our integration with Rush is designed to simplify and improve the customer journey, from the order confirmation stage to final delivery. By combining the features of both apps, you can provide personalized communication and easier tracking options to your customers. This can contribute to building stronger customer relationships, increasing brand loyalty, and ultimately enhancing your store.

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