Shopify's Local Delivery emails added to OrderlyEmails


Shopify recently added a new feature, allowing stores to offer local delivery as a shipping method. To support this feature, Shopify have added 3 additional emails to the Shopify admin. These emails are sent to customers letting them know about the delivery status of their order:

- Out for delivery
- Delivered
- Missed delivery

OrderlyEmails has now been updated to include these 3 new email types, so you can have the same great design and ease of customization as you do with all other Shopify email notifications.

You'll find the 3 new email types in the email chooser when editing your email theme in OrderlyEmails:

Image showing the 3 new Shopify local delivery emails in the OrderlyEmails editor.


Shopify "Out for delivery" email notification example:

Example of Shopify Out for Delivery email


Shopify "Delivered" email notification example:

Example of Shopify's "Delivered" email notification


Shopify "Missed delivery" email notification example:

Example of Shopify's "Missed delivery" email notification


As with all of our custom emails for Shopify, these are included in every theme purchase, and has been pre-translated into 18 different languages.

OrderlyEmails is free to try, and can be installed from the Shopify App Store:


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