Shopify's Local Delivery emails added to OrderlyEmails

Shopify's Local Delivery emails added to OrderlyEmails FORSBERG+two

We are excited to announce that our Shopify app, OrderlyEmails, has been updated to include the latest email notifications released by Shopify to support their new local delivery feature. This new feature allows Shopify stores to offer local delivery as a shipping option, and includes three additional email notifications to keep customers informed about the status of their delivery: "Out for delivery," "Delivered," and "Missed delivery."

What is Shopify Local Delivery?

The local delivery feature from Shopify allows stores to offer same-day or next-day delivery to customers within a specific geographic area. This can be a valuable option for stores that want to provide a convenient and fast delivery option for their customers, without the need to use a third-party fulfillment service.

To use the local delivery feature, stores must first specify the delivery area and delivery times, and then set up their local delivery rates. Once the local delivery option is available to customers, they can select it at checkout and receive updates about their delivery status through the email notifications provided by Shopify.

How OrderlyEmails can help

With OrderlyEmails, you can easily customize these new email notifications to match the design and branding of your store, and make them consistent with your other email communications. The new email notifications are included in every email theme purchased from OrderlyEmails, and have been pre-translated into 18 different languages.

To customize the new email notifications, simply log into OrderlyEmails and click the "Customize" button on your email theme. From there, you can select the email notification you want to customize from the dropdown, make your desired changes, and then export the updated email to your Shopify account.

Here are some examples of the new email notifications that are now available in OrderlyEmails:

Shopify "Out for delivery" email notification example:

Image showing the 3 new Shopify local delivery emails in the OrderlyEmails editor.

Shopify "Delivered" email notification example:

Example of Shopify's "Delivered" email notification

Shopify "Missed delivery" email notification example:

Example of Shopify's "Missed delivery" email notification

We believe that these new email notifications will be a valuable addition to OrderlyEmails, and we hope they will help our users take advantage of the local delivery feature offered by Shopify. These email notifications can help improve the customer experience by providing clear and timely communication about the status of their delivery, and help ensure that customers are kept informed throughout the delivery process.

OrderlyEmails is free to try, and can be installed from the Shopify App Store at https://apps.shopify.com/email-templates. Thank you for using OrderlyEmails!


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