Support for Shopify's new "B2B access email"

Support for Shopify's new "B2B access email" FORSBERG+two

OrderlyEmails is excited to announce that we now support the latest email notification feature from Shopify - the B2B access email. This email is sent to customers when they are added to a company in the Shopify admin, and includes a button that links to a password-less login page that can be used by both B2B and regular customers.

B2B access email example screenshot

The B2B access email is an important addition to Shopify's growing suite of features designed to support businesses that sell to other businesses (B2B) and wholesale customers. By adding B2B customers to a company in the Shopify admin, store owners can manage their orders and accounts more efficiently, and provide a streamlined shopping experience for their B2B customers.

With the new B2B access email, store owners can easily notify their B2B customers when they have been added to a company, and provide them with a simple and secure way to access their account. This can help to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and make it easier for store owners to manage their B2B sales.

The B2B access email is available in all OrderlyEmails accounts, and can be customized using our easy-to-use email editor. You can choose from a variety of design, wording, and layout options to create the perfect email for your business.

To learn more about the B2B access email and how to use it, visit the Shopify help center. And if you're not already using OrderlyEmails to manage your email notifications, sign up now to try out this new feature and many others.

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