Shopify Email Vs OrderlyEmails


OrderlyEmails and Shopify Email each have their strengths as email and notification designers. However, there can only be one winner in this comparison. 

Let’s see how they face up against each other.

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OrderlyEmails showcasing the different email templates

Get More Customizable Templates With OrderlyEmails

Templates help make designing your email notifications a breeze as it eliminates the need for coding knowledge.

Without any design knowledge, OrderlyEmails enables you to produce stunning and expert Shopify email designs and notifications for your store.

Using OrderlyEmails' beautiful designs, you can upgrade your Shopify email templates to increase sales and accurately represent your business. There are over 30 customizable templates to choose from and new ones are added all the time. So you're sure to find one for every need!

Shopify Email has pre-built templates to make your life easier, but it isn't nearly as extensive as OrderlyEmails. Currently, there are currently eight templates with one blank canvas.

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  • OrderlyEmails is constantly adding templates to its already large value of 30

  • Shopify Email only has a few templates to choose from

  • Customization on the templates is better when using OrderlyEmails

OrderlyEmails showing how to select the different languages

OrderlyEmails Offers Multi-language And Currency Functionality

If you want your email notifications to reach a wider audience, they’ll need to be in multiple languages and currencies. That way, your company can reach a global audience instead of being localized to your current position.

OrderlyEmails can translate each of your Shopify transactional email templates into one of 18 different languages. You can change the language of email notifications in OrderlyEmails with a single click. If your preferred language isn't on the list of 18, you can use the editor to convert the text.

OrderlyEmails also supports multiple currencies thanks to currency-handling integrations such as Bold.

So you get the best of both worlds when it comes to reaching the global market.

Shopify Email, on the other hand, doesn’t have any built-in language or currency translations. You need to change these manually in your email templates.

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  • OrderlyEmails has multi-currency and language features

  • Shopify Email doesn’t support any multi-currency or languages

  • OrderlyEmails can integrate with other foreign currency handlers

OrderlyEmails showcasing the upsell possibilities and discounts

Enhance Your Store With Automation

Automation helps make the delivery process of your emails and their notifications a breeze. Both OrderlyEmails and Shopify Email have the feature, but one executes it better.

If you’re using OrderlyEmails you can increase the effectiveness of emails and notifications by including automated product recommendations and coupon vouchers. You can also easily track the performance of all the emails.

Shopify Email has both email marketing features and automated email sending, however it’s prone to problems and glitches.

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  • OrderlyEmails automation is effective and easy to use

  • With OrderlyEmails, you can automate product recommendations to boost upsells

  • Email conversion tracking included. This feature was given the Shopify Commerce Award

The Bottom Line

Each contender in this battle has their own set of pros, but OrderlyEmails stands out as being the one that’ll give you the most value for your money.

The price of Shopify Email is cheaper, but that doesn’t mean it's the better option.

Where Shopify Email lacks in features present, OrderlyEmail excels in helping your company or market reach new heights

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