New email: Email marketing confirmation


Note: Currently Shopify only enables the following email type on stores based in Germany.

OrderlyEmails has been updated with the latest email notification released by Shopify

Email Marketing Confirmation

Shopify sends this email automatically to the customer's of German stores, when they sign up for email marketing, if “ask for email confirmation” is selected in Shopify admin > Settings > Checkout

To customize and setup the new email in your Shopify account, do the following:

1. Login to OrderlyEmails:
2. Click the "Customize" button on your email theme
3. Select the "Email marketing confirmation" in the dropdown and make your changes
4. Once done, click the "Export to Shopify" button and follow the instructions.

We will always ensure that all email notifications in the Shopify admin, are also available to customize in OrderlyEmails, even for earlier purchased themes :) 

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