OrderlyEmails - Click tracking service shutdown

OrderlyEmails - Click tracking service shutdown FORSBERG+two

OrderlyEmails is being updated, and an update of your email templates is required to ensure they continue to work correctly. In most cases, it should not take more than 5 minutes for you to complete.

What do I need to do?

  1. Login to your Shopify admin
  2. Go to the Apps section
  3. Click on OrderlyEmails to login to the app
  4. In the app, click the "Installation instructions" button next to your purchased email theme
  5. Follow the instructions provided to copy/paste the latest email code into your Shopify admin. Please do this for all of the listed emails.

You do not need to make any other changes. The needed email code changes will be included when you follow the above steps. There will be no visible change to your emails, the update simply changes the way that links are included in your email code.

I have recently updated my emails, do I still need to do this?

If you have updated and copy/pasted the email code from OrderlyEmails into your Shopify admin after January 22nd 2021, then those emails will already contain the update and do not need to be updated again. If you are unsure, we recommend doing it again to be 100% certain all of your emails are updated.

When do I need to do this by?

We kindly ask you to complete the above steps before the 31st of May 2021, to ensure links in your emails continue to work correctly.

Why do I need to do this?

We are shutting down the "click tracking service" that was previously needed to add additional information to your Shopify Reports and Google Analytics when someone clicked a link in your emails.

Back in January 2021 we launched a new version of your email templates that will still add the additional information to your Google Analytics and Shopify reports, but no longer requires the click tracking service to do so.

This change ensures that your emails are using the latest version, and will continue to work correctly once we remove the click tracking service.

Note: Updating your email templates by following the steps above will also ensure that they contain any updates and fixes that we put out from time to time to keep your emails looking great in all the different email programs that your customers may use.

What happens if I do not update my emails before May 31st 2021?

The links in your emails will stop working, and will require the above update to begin working correctly again.

We have customised the email code after exporting it from the app, what should I do?

If you have exported the code, and then had a developer make changes to it outside of the app, you will either need to re-do those changes in the newly exported code, or update the links in your existing emails manually. The following help article explains how to manually update the links in your email code: http://help.forsbergplustwo.com/en/articles/5207151-manually-updating-email-links

Why can't this be done automatically?

Unfortunately there is no automated way to update the email notification templates in the Shopify admin. Therefore the above steps must be performed manually :(

Thanks for your understanding. Please get in contact with our support team at hello@orderlyemails.com if any questions come up.

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