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Say Hello to Kiranan Luxmy of Grafikr - FORSBERG+two Referral Partner Showcase

Say Hello to Kiranan Luxmy of Grafikr - FORSBERG+two Referral Partner Showcase FORSBERG+two
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A recent conversation we’ve had that we’re grateful for is with Kiranan Luxmy, Co-Founder and CEO of Grafikr A/S

Kiranan founded Grafikr, a leading e-commerce agency specializing in Shopify, in 2016. Based out of Randers in Denmark, Kiranan develops demanding technical solutions for Shopify websites and online stores. He’s one of just a handful of certified Shopify experts in Denmark. 

In this referral partner showcase, we share Kiranan’s journey with Shopify and FORSBERG+two. He’s a FORSBERG+two referral partner who shares our vision of making the Shopify ecosystem a better place. 

About Kiranan

Since his high school years, Kiranan has had a keen interest in entrepreneurship, online stores, and web design. Once he left school, it was a natural move to start designing webshops. 

Soon, he had made a name for himself but found he lacked a business partner. That’s when his long-time friend and co-founder, Erik Jeppesen, stepped in. Together, they founded Grafikr.

Through excellent work and a focus on client satisfaction, Kiranan and Erik have grown the company. Today, they employ more than 30 e-commerce specialists committed to helping fashion and lifestyle brands master Shopify and excel with their online stores. 

Their contributions to e-commerce haven’t gone unnoticed either - on the journey to becoming a Shopify expert, Kiranan collected the Entrepreneur of the Year award at RBA 2018.

Kiranan has big visions for Grafikr. He plans for it to become the preferred e-commerce agency with a Shopify specialization in Scandinavia. He’s motivated by data and optimization, and uses it to grow his customer’s companies. 

What is FORSBERG+two’s Referral Partner Program?

Our main goal since launching FORSBERG+two in 2011 has been to add value to the Shopify ecosystem.

As entrepreneurs, we know the value of networking and sharing great business resources. So, to reward our partners for effectively referring our apps, we established a referral program.

It's simple to join our referral program, and you’ll earn a 20% commission for successful referrals. 

All you need to do is be a registered Shopify Expert, Partner, or Agency. Then, share your referral links and earn a commission when someone installs an app with your link. 

You can even claim a commission for referring yourself if you work with clients. 

To give you some insight into what it’s like to be a referral partner, catch up on the conversation below. We spoke with Kiranan about his experience with our program. 

FORSBERG+two Chats With Kiranan 

1. Take the Stage and Fill Us in On What Grafikr Does

Grafikr is an e-commerce agency specializing in fashion and lifestyle brands. Our goal is to empower these brands and give them the tools they need to build their own sales channels, reclaiming the creativity that initially sparked their success. 

During consultations, we provide strategic guidance to our clients, covering every aspect of their online presence. In addition, we help them navigate the intersection of online and offline.

Grafikr is home to the leading Shopify experts in Denmark. Our proprietary blend of technologies forms the foundation of all our partnerships. It sets us apart and makes us the go-to choice for brands looking to elevate their e-commerce game.

2. How Do You Navigate Your Typical Day, Finding Balance and Success?

My days are never the same, but I have some daily routines that keep me on track. 

As soon as I step into the office, I quickly check and answer all my emails. I know my colleagues have questions that need answers, so I make sure to get them out of the way first thing in the morning.

Next, I review our finances, key performance indicators, and sales. 

I also keep in touch with the top management team to ensure they have everything they need to achieve their goals. At the same, I share my own demands and wishes with them.

But work isn’t my only drive. The most important thing to me is to have a balanced life. That's why I take some time every day to play padel, my favorite sport. I hit the court and crush my opponents, enjoying every moment.

3. Tell Us About Your Introduction to Shopify

It was quite by chance that I stumbled upon Shopify. A friend of mine was using the platform to run his online store, and we got talking about it. I was fascinated by the possibilities it offered and began using Shopify myself. 

Soon, a customer came to me looking for help building their online store on the platform. It was this moment that kickstarted my journey in e-commerce. 

Today, I am completely consumed by Shopify. I have made it my passion and livelihood to build online stores for customers all over the world. It's a dream come true, and I love every minute of it.

4. We’re Pleased to Have You as a FORSBERG+two Referral Partner - Where Did You Hear About Our Program?

To be honest, we knew our customers loved our web designs. We also knew we could make the online stores even better. 

Soon, we narrowed it down to the fact that after a purchase, the store was missing something to give a great customer experience. 

So we began looking for a solution. 

It so happened that OrderlyEmails was the perfect choice. It became a staple in our work, and we fell in love with it. 

After that, we decided to investigate what other exciting apps FORSBERG+two had to offer. 

5. Do You Have Any Favorite FORSBERG+two Apps, and Why?

As mentioned, we consistently use OrderlyEmails on all our customer's stores. The app allows our customers to create the same great experience in their system emails, similar to what anyone would get during the purchasing process.

As for the other FORSBERG+two apps - we use them on a case-by-case basis depending on the needs of our customers. Which ones we use are typically driven by a specific request or desire from our clients.

6. We’d Love to Know About Any Stand-Out Features You’ve Discovered on the Apps

OrderlyEmails has two really useful and insightful features.

The first is the analysis tool, which can be used to track how "Abandoned Checkout" performs in its current form. Not everyone uses Klaviyo or other email platforms to handle these, so OrderlyEmail can provide insight as long as Shopify sends these emails.

The other is the whole code exporting function, which contains a complete guide on how to implement the new design for system emails.

7. What is Your Main Drawcard When Purchasing Our Apps?

Not only do your apps solve challenges for our customers and us, but they also allow us to focus on what we do best. 

For example, with OrderlyEmails available as a solution, there’s no need for us to spend time designing and coding Shopify system emails. This is not a good use of our expertise and resources. 

The apps also give our customers more control and make them less dependent on us.

8. Was There Any Learning Curve to Speak of in the App Installation and Setup Process?

Installing and working with FORSBERG+two’s apps is really easy. Onboarding the apps typically requires minimal effort on our part. You’ve explained the process in a simple-to-understand manner. 

Plus, our customers can quickly learn how to use the apps we think can help improve their day-to-day.

9. Any Words of Wisdom For Budding Shopify Entrepreneurs Like Yourself?

The best advice I can give to anyone starting out in the Shopify ecosystem is to be ready to adapt. E-commerce is constantly evolving, and Shopify is always introducing new opportunities. 

It's a huge opportunity for you.

If you can take advantage of the things that Shopify is launching all the time, you'll be ahead of most of your competition. 

It will also make you more attractive to customers.

Additionally, don't forget to use Shopify's Partner Program. They are there to help you get started.

10. What are Your Thoughts and Advice for Anyone Thinking of Joining FORSBERG+two’s Referral Program?

By working closely with FORSBERG+two, you can improve your business and delight your customers. 

Their apps are not just a nice-to-have but a necessary tool for achieving smooth and conflict-free operations.

Furthermore, the team behind the company is fantastic and dedicated to their projects. They will only succeed if you do, so it's always a good reason to work with them.

About FORSBERG+two Shopify Apps

OrderlyEmails cropped up a lot in the conversation with Kiranan. OrderlyEmails is a renowned email design app that allows you to customize email templates for your store. 

Besides that, we have Order Printer Pro. Order Printer Pro carries a 4.9-star rating in the app store. Use it to deliver your branded customer invoices and receipts automatically. It’s also a speedy order printer for packing slips and returns, among others. 

Then there is Order Printer Templates. Get professional invoices, gift receipts and returns, and packing slips, which are customizable to suit your brand. 

Finally, we have OrderlyPrint for stores that fulfill orders in bulk. Print and fulfill up to 500 packing slips, pick lists, or invoices at once. 

Join Our Referral Partner Program Today

You heard it from Kiranan - using the FORSBERG+two apps can help you improve your business and delight your customers. 

Thank you for your kind words Kiranan; we appreciate your insights on your journey so far. 

If you’re ready to level up and join our referral program, sign up here.

You can expect to receive so much more than just the referral commission. We promise all our partners the quality, simplicity, and flexibility they deserve. 

Do you have insights you’d like to share on our referral program? Reach out; we’d love to hear from you!

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